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Professional Fishing

Completed ↦ 37-PIGN/FL- ltx
Jacket ↦ 33-PIGN/FL- ltx (zip corta)
Jacket ↦ 38-PIGN/FL- ltx (zip lunga)
Overalls ↦ 05-PIGN/FL- ltx

Floating clothes for industrial fishing

Legislation of reference UNI EN 12402-2

Completed set composed of: 
- Jacket with hood (with short or long zipper)
Product of the most advanced technical evolution (patented)
Hoods made with LTX membrane, which allows us to trap air and stabilize it, creating a small pillow between the body and the exterior. The normal raincoats in addition to being waterproof and anti-wind, become floating and thermic with a minimum increase in the global thickness. The use of type-tested, technical SOLAS fabrics makes the hoods light, resistant, suitable for heavy and continual tasks.


FLOATING: excellent floating assures a pressure that is able to facilitate respiration far from waves and splashes, rapid re-immersion and stabilization of the position.
THERMIC INSULATION: because of its composition, the membrane is capable of slowing down the initial state of hypothermia; its floating coefficient assures excellent thermic.
FABRICS: guarantee resistance to sprains and abrasions with specific low weights; guarantee protection from fire. The lining is hydro-repellent. 
CLOSURE: for total protection from the risk of hypothermia, the closures must be made by putting neoprene or latex at the ankles, wrists, and neck to avoid cold water from entering. The seams are heat-sealed.
ACCESORIES: fwhistle-accident signal-emergency light.
IN SUMMER: the waistcoat can be added to the overalls, in compliance with the legislation.
Hooded Jacket total thickness of 1 cm
Dungarees total thickness of 0.8 cm
M as far as kg. 75
L as far as kg. 85
XL as far as kg. 95
XXL as far as kg. 120
QXXXL over kg.120