Life saving bag

cod. 36-LSB/WL65NX


  • For Travel: Airplane, Hotel and Hand Luggage
  • For Home: Beside beds
  • For Work/Office: Hi-rise buildings especially compact, easy to carry

Practical Simplicity Works When Panic Strikes.

No one ever plans on having a fire emergency – but should that misfortune ever happen to you or your family, you'll be better prepared with Smoke Escape. Three out of four fire fatalities are caused by smoke inhalation. Ideal for airplanes, hotels, high rise buildings, or homes, the highly portable Smoke Escape Mask provides a safe supply of filtered air for up to 20 minutes -- time which can be spent finding your way to safety. Laboratory Tested. One Size Fits All. Easy To Use. (See below for efficacy and assessment test results)

Main Features 
Studies show that the most important thing you can do to survive a fire is to maintain your source of breathable air. In just a few seconds, you can easily put on this Smoke Escape Mask (with 360 degree visibility) and breathe filtered air for the time it takes to escape.
The number of people who die as a result of severe burns during a fire emergency are minimal compared to the number who suffer from smoke related injuries.

As consumers, we have very little familiarity with the effects of smoke on the respiratory system or the eyes, because this is not an everyday occurrence. Being in a smoke filled room is much like standing in front of a barbeque or camp fire. During a fire emergency, smoke can get in your eyes, they begin to sting and tear, naturally you close them, become disoriented thus decreasing your chances of a successful escape. It has been estimated that this occurrence can take place as quickly as 180 seconds, depending on the density and toxicity of the smoke.
The Smoke Escape Mask assists you in escaping such an emergency by protecting your vision and filtering out harmful particulate which can cause choking, possibly leading to unconsciousness. The patented filter will filter out particulate matter as small as 0.45 microns (carbon, chemical, biological or any other particulate that small) and that fact has been lab tested and is verifiable.
The filter is made with a patented tri-layered, ionized construction-approved material, designed for respiratory protection against airborne particles. Smoke filtration is so effective that even tobacco smoke will not pass through the filter. Plus the filter offers low resistance to breathing oxygenated air.