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Sport Fishing

code 34-imp/NY-ltx

Floatation clothing for amateur fishing

Legislation of reference UNI EN 12402-3

Complete clothing with:
- hooded jacket (with short or long zipper) 
- pants
Product of the most advanced technological evolution (protected with patent)
Special clothing for amateur fishing, made with waterproof, tear-proof or PVC and LTX (patented membrane) spread nylon, completed with waterproof cover. Light, practical, comfortable and resistant. It permits the practice of sporting activities in safety supported by excellent buoyancy, in case of falling into water.


SAFETY: the practice of sporting activities will be safe even for those who are not able to swim. Even in case of loss of consciousness falling into the water will not be lethal.
THERMAL PROTECTION: guaranteed by the LTX membrane keeping the body temperature constant even when the outside temperature is below 0° C; different from the normal protein fibers, it is not subject to the sponge-effect, which is dangerous in case of falling into the water.
LIGHTNESS and COMFORT: Despite the presence of the LTX membrane, thickness and weight remain virtually unchanged like a normal raincoat.
Hooded Jacket total thickness of 1 cm
Dungarees total thickness of 0.8 cm
M as far as kg. 75
L as far as kg. 85
XL as far as kg. 95
XXL as far as kg. 120
QXXXL over kg.120